Elevate Feeder

The raised cat bowl puts a cat's mouth in a better position in relation to its stomach, it helps cats swallow more easily, and it could alleviate their occasional vomiting. The stand is the perfect height to stop ants to find cat food, your cat could comfortably eat and drink in a good mood. The cat bowls are shallow and wide allowing the cat to eat easily without hitting his nose on the top of the bowl rim.


  • Reduce Neck Burden: the frame raises the cat bowls to a more convenient height, your lovely cat could comfortably eat and drink without having to strain his neck down. Suitable for aging cats.
  • Less Vomiting: raised cat bowls are suitable for digestion, it helps the cat swallow more easily and alleviate its occasional vomiting.
  • No-Slip and No Mess: the rubber feet are stable and hold the cat food bowl in place, so the cat can't push the cat dish easily. No more food and water on the floor.

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